Meet the Partner: Satu Interiors

August 2023

As a family business, we think it’s important to partner with local people who share the same values. That’s why we have teamed up with Julie, the owner and interior designer at Satu Interiors, and her lovely team, to transform our view home at The Pastures into something really special. It’s on track to be ready by mid-September so mark your calendars!

When it comes to showcasing our view homes, we understand the importance of creating a space that not only captivates the eye but also embraces the essence of comfortable modern living. That’s why we have teamed up with Julie, the owner and interior designer at Satu Interiors in Penrith, to transform the showroom in our view home at The Pastures, Moorhouse into something extraordinary. With her natural flair, passion for design and attention to detail, Julie, accompanied by her lovely team, have become invaluable partners in our quest to create stunning and functional places.

Creating a showroom that accurately represents the feel of our homes is a true art, which not only brings the physical spaces to life but also tells a story. Through careful selection of colours, textures, and materials Julie helps us build an atmosphere that resonates with potential homeowners. By paying attention to every detail, from lighting to furniture arrangement, this ensures that our view home leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Recently, we met up with Julie in her beautiful design studio to see the interior scheme that she’s produced especially for us at The Pastures. ‘My inspiration came from the idyllic countryside and agricultural heritage of the area surrounding The Pastures. For the soft furnishings we are using a stunning fabric patterned with pretty natural flora set against a mustard coloured background which layers elegantly with the sumptuous hunter green cabinetry and golden accents of the kitchen’, Julie described.

Julie is an experienced interior designer and possess an innate ability to infuse life and personality into any space. Her approach goes beyond aesthetics, focussing on a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Collaborating with Julie was an easy decision for us since she not only understands our vison but also shares our commitment to excellence. Her local presence and expertise working with clients both in the UK and internationally make her the ideal creative partner for our projects.

The magic of Julie’s work lies in her ability to transform spaces, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary. With a keen eye for detail, she meticulously curates each element to create a cohesive and inviting environment. Julie believes that interior design should be visually stunning yet also cater to the practicalities of daily living. This balanced approach aligns seamlessly with our core values and ensures that our view home not only impresses potential homeowners but also inspires them to envision their own lives within the space.

One of the factors that sets Julie apart is her talent for sourcing unique and exquisite pieces from all over Europe. Her international connections and extensive knowledge of design trends allow her to formulate a collection of furniture, décor and accessories that are one of a kind. By incorporating these special elements into our showroom at The Pastures, Julie adds an air of exclusivity and sophistication making the room truly remarkable.

Partnering with Julie and Satu Interiors has transformed the showroom within our view home into a place that captures your imagination and makes you feel right at home. Julie’s expertise in interior design, her passion for creating functional yet stunning environments and her ability to source unique pieces ensures that our showroom reflects Willan Living’s unique style and personality. With her help we have crafted something really special at The Pastures that will leave you inspired and excited to envision your own life within these extraordinary spaces.

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