Exploring the Historic Charm of Carlisle

July 2023

Carlisle is a city of hidden wonders, where ancient walls and majestic Castles whisper tales of the past. Only a stone’s throw away you’ll find our latest development, and your potential new home, at The Pastures where modern living intertwines amidst a backdrop of the region’s rich history. Swing by our new showroom to find out why we think this part of the world is really special.

Building in this part of the world you could literally have Hadrian’s wall passing through your back garden. Nestled in the picturesque region of Carlisle history comes alive in every corner, from the ancient walls of Hadrian’s Wall to the iconic Carlisle Castle and captivating exhibits at Tullie House Museum, this historic city offers a wealth of cultural heritage. So, it’s no wonder why we think our latest development, The Pastures offers something pretty unique.

Standing proudly over nine centuries, Carlisle Castle is a testament to the city’s turbulent past. From medieval battles to royal visits, this magnificent fortress has witnessed it all. Venture into its time worn walls and embark on a guided tour, delving into tales of sieges, dungeons and the antiquity that moulded the region.

Imagine having the remnants of a World Heritage Site just a stone’s throw away from your home. Carlisle boasts the privilege of being situated close to Hadrian’s Wall, a colossal structure built by the Romans in the 2nd Century AD. Take a walk along this ancient marvel, soak in the breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside and let your imagination transport you back to the days of Roman rule.

Located in the heart of Carlisle, Tullie House Museum is a treasure trove of artifacts and exhibitions that chronicle the city’s history. Wander through its halls and discover a fascinating collection of Roman relics, medieval artefacts and artwork that encapsulates the essence of Cumbria’s heritage. Engage with interactive displays and immerse yourself in the stories of the people who shaped Carlisle.

Situated conveniently nearby you’ll find our latest development, The Pastures, which offers a harmonious blend of modern living amidst the backdrop of the region’s rich history. We are mindful of the land our builds occupy that’s why each home features stone mullioned windows giving a benevolent nod to the great craftmanship of days gone by. Step inside and imagine a home where the charm of the past converges with today’s comforts creating a haven that is both nostalgic and stylish.

Carlisle is city steeped in history where ancient walls and centuries old castles coexist with vibrant modern life. So why not spend a day exploring the local landmarks and end your adventure in our showroom at The Pastures where you can discover a home that truly embodies the spirit of this extraordinary city? Join us in celebrating Carlisle’s remarkable heritage and discover the magic that lies within its storied past.

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