Willan Living: we can all do our bit for sustainable development

May 2022

Willan Living supports government plans to make new homes warmer and reduce house-hold energy bills while helping to protect the environment.

All new homes are to meet rigorous energy efficiency standards to lower energy consumption and costs while helping to protect the environment. The government has set out plans to drastically improve the energy performance of new homes, with all new homes to be highly energy efficient, with low carbon heating and be zero carbon ready by 2025 – making homes warmer and reducing bills.

When it comes to the environmental impact of new Willan homes there’s certainly more than what meets the eye. Look beyond the bricks and mortar and you’ll uncover a host of green qualities forming homes that are better for the environment and cheaper to run.

All our homes are very well insulated using reliable modern methods and come with energy saving light fittings. Double glazing and composite doors are fitted which keep warm air trapped inside the home increasing its thermal efficiency. What’s more the composite front doors we use from British manufacturers, Solidor, claim that all their products exceed the latest Building Regulations for energy efficiency and feature specialist glass which helps reduce the overall heat loss, and are fully recyclable.

We install eco-friendly air source heating systems from trade experts Joule and Samsung. This new type of renewable energy transfers heat from the outside air to water, which heats the rooms via underfloor heating and radiators. It can also heat water stored in a hot water cylinder for hot taps, showers, and baths. Air source heat pumps are one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your home operating at an efficiency rate exceeding 300% compared to a typical oil boiler which works at 90%.

Our kitchen manufacturer is member of the Forest Stewardship Council, so any wood used to make your new kitchen comes from certified forests that are managed to the highest environmental, social, and economic standards respecting the environment, wildlife and people who live and work in the forest. Any trees which are harvested are replanted or allowed to naturally regenerate. Nothing goes to landfill, when your kitchen is produced any waste that cannot be recycled is incinerated to create energy.

And it doesn’t stop there. We’re enthusiastic about working with local tradespeople, buying from Cumbrian suppliers, and supporting British manufacturing. By reducing the mileage that goods and other items travel to our construction sites and offices we are cutting down on fuel consumption and air pollution. The business is committed to utilising digital solutions in place of old paper dependent practices lessening our carbon footprint even more.

The UK is the first major economy in the world to legislate a zero net emissions target. Willan Living recognises the important role the energy efficiency of houses can play in achieving this goal and make every effort to keep on building solid foundations for future generations to come.

We can all do our bit for sustainable development. Whether using the car less for unnecessary journeys, walking, cycling, using public transport, being more energy conscious or recycling waste all help make the environment a cleaner place.

To see all available, new energy efficient homes by Willan Living click here.

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