Top tips for moving home

August 2018

When it comes to packing up house I only have three words of advice, preparation preparation, preparation although not necessarily in that order. I’m currently living in-house number 10 and have moved countries twice so I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way and thought it might be useful to share my top tips.

1. Working box

Create a working box to keep all your essential packing materials in like the tape, labels, a pen, scissors etc then everything you need will be kept in one place.

2. Mark each box

Write the name of the room on every box plus a list of whats in there for easy reference.

3. Photo records

Take photographs of  the back of your electronics and refer to them when hooking up at the new house.

4. Device organising

Label your cords and store them together in a clear plastic bag then label with the name of the device they are for.

5. Collect small parts

Put screws and other small parts that go with things you’ve dismantled in a clear plastic bag, label it then attach to the item.

6. Eat everything

Slow down your grocery shopping a couple of weeks prior to the move and run down your freezer items.

7. Get rid

Check the use by date on food items and medicines and dispose of those no longer in use.

8. Protection

Use styrofoam plates between your plates to help protect them.

9. Useful handles

Add handles to as many boxes as possible by poking or cutting them, make sure the boxes are strong enough to do this.

10. Clingfilm is your friend

Leave things in drawers and use cling film to wrap them shut in order to stop them opening in transit.

11. Label your bin bags

Pack clothes in bin bags, they’re lighter and easy to carry, remember to label them.

12. Shock absorber

Tape up mirrors and other breakables to absorb shock.

13. Strong tape

Use strong tape on hinged doors to make sure they don’t slide open during the move.

14. Pillow padding

Use pillows and stuffed animals in boxes as padding.

15. Don’t over pack

Don’t over pack boxes so they are too heavy to carry never exceed 40lbs.

16. Organise paperwork

Pack up all your warranties and household paperwork in the one box.

17. Sell, sell, sell

Make use of Facebook, Craig’s List, Charity Shops etc far in advance of your move, now is the time to have a good clear out.

18. Arrival packing

Have each family member pack for a two week holiday, this will ensure they have enough of everything during the unpacking process.

19. Feed the workers

Have plenty of food and drink for your helpers on moving day, fed and watered people are always happier to work.

20. Time for a brew

Pack the kettle last, unpack the kettle first, never underestimate the value of the kettle.

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