Meet the Partner: Cumbria Quarrying Services

November 2023

At Willan Living, our commitment to transforming houses into homes is reflected in our enduring partnership with Cumbria Quarrying Services, ensuring the highest quality through real sandstone from Bowscar Quarry and a shared dedication to family values and community roots.

At Willan Living, we understand that the small details are what transform a house into a home. We believe in the power of finishing touches, and that’s why we make quality a standard feature in all our homes. To ensure this commitment, we’ve partnered with Cumbria Quarrying Services, a family-run business owned by Alan and Sharon Hamilton.

We know that the materials used in your home matter that’s why we choose real sandstone lintels and cills sourced from the nearby Cumbria Quarrying Services, ensuring the highest quality for your living space. Unlike concrete alternatives used by some big developers, sandstone offers timeless elegance that won’t fade over time. Your home will maintain its beauty for decades to come, requiring less maintenance and eliminating the need for repainting.

Our connection with Cumbria Quarrying Services runs deep, spanning many years and multiple developments. The roots of our partnership go even further, with both our families being local and friends over the years. This tradition of collaboration and friendship is reflected in the excellence we bring to every project.

Cumbria Quarrying Services boasts over 75 years of combined experience in the quarrying and architectural stone industry. Operating in five different quarries in the North of England, including our local quarry at Bowscar, they are market leaders in the natural stone industry. As a family-run business, they share our commitment to quality and independence.

Bowscar Quarry, overtaken by Alan and Sharon Hamilton in 2005, has grown under their stewardship. Alan’s brother, along with Alan and Sharon’s daughters and son-in-laws, are now integral parts of the business. This family-driven approach resonates with us, as we too are a family-run business with deep roots in the local community.

Bowscar Quarry’s red sandstone, quarried for decades, aligns seamlessly with our goal of building homes that harmonise with their natural surroundings. The stone, used for centuries in Penrith and surrounding areas, adds a touch of heritage to our modern homes at The Pastures.

Cumbria Quarrying Services processes all our stone with state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring precision and quality. Their commitment to using the latest technology reflects our shared ethos of delivering aesthetically pleasing products. This not only enhances the beauty of our homes but also prioritises safety and efficiency in every stone they produce.

We take pride in our partnership with Cumbria Quarrying Services, and we believe that the quality of their sandstone is a testament to the quality of our homes. Together, we are not just building houses; we are creating spaces where every detail speaks of heritage, durability, and the warmth of a true home.

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