Homes Full of Love

January 2021

With February 14th just around the corner we look at all the love that goes into making a new Willan Home.

Valentine’s day is approaching and it’s that special time to show those around us how much we care. Possibly not a holiday celebrated by all and perhaps sometimes marked in alternative ways, nevertheless, we are quite sure you’ll agree it is especially important to share warmness toward others now more than ever.

Demonstrating you are thinking of someone does not necessarily mean showering them with fanciful gifts for that one day of the year. Caring is frequently observed in those everyday gestures that go unseen. Believe it or not, this is something that we notice in our work when creating houses too.

From the early design stages of carefully analysing architectural drawings right through until completion day and beyond we are truly passionate about what we do and feel gratified to leave each of our homes packed full of love.

We know it’s the small details that count which is why the kitchens we fit are far away from off the shelf, each one is lovingly designed in the Lakeland town of Kendal and made in a purpose-built manufacturing facility found at the heart of Yorkshire. Meanwhile, in place of concrete substitutes we thoughtfully install natural sandstone lintels and cills sourced via nearby quarry. Not to mention the experienced team of local tradespeople who help bring our lovely properties to life.

Intricately combining these extraordinary pieces makes the story behind every Willan Home slightly more unique than that of a typical new-build and there’s still so much left for us to reveal.

At times, the little things can be overlooked yet often these make the biggest difference of all. Whether it’s sharing a heart-warming chat over a cheerful mug of tea to nurturing new ideas in the workplace let’s all try to promote daily acts of kindness no matter how big or small.

If you are interested in uncovering what else we do differently why not make an appointment to view one of our nearly completed properties at Hall Farm, Langwathby. To book please call PFK Estate Agency’s Penrith branch on 01768 862135.

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