Buy a New Willan Home and Save Money

October 2022

We uncover the hidden costs of purchasing an older resale property and explain why buying a new-build home by Willan Living could help save you money.

When it comes to moving home there are lots of things to consider although usually we can narrow it down to three main factors: number of bedrooms, location, and most importantly, price. So with the cost of living rising and inflation surging to the highest annual rate in 40 years purchasing a new home might seem out of reach.

However new-build homes are proven to be a cost-effective asset in the long run and are a worthwhile investment for anyone who is considering moving. Research shows a new home in the Northwest costs on average around £20,000 less than getting an older property up to scratch.

New-build homes are built to the highest modern technical standards meaning all the hard work is done before you move in unlike older properties which commonly need heaps of time and money devoted to renovation, often over a period of months or even years.

Buying a new-build takes away the hassle of renewing electrics and plumbing, replacing fascias, soffits and guttering, fitting a new kitchen and bathroom, updating windows, doors, and conservatories, or installing gates and fencing. Brand new fittings tend to come with warranties and require less maintenance too.

Plus, you won’t have to face the expenses of home improvements such as rising labour and material costs, and shortages, following the pandemic, Brexit and global uncertainty. Prices are currently so volatile that many tradespeople and suppliers are unable to keep quotes valid for more than a few weeks at a time or are only quoting for labour with the cost of materials on top, which can be challenging whilst trying to manage a budget.

Not only this, but new homes are also built to meet rigorous energy efficiency standards therefore consume less energy, making them cheaper to run and better for the environment. Data from a recent HBF report reveals that on average, owners of new houses save £555 on household heating, hot water, and lighting bills per property each year.  Along with a staggering 63% saving on heating bills alone compared to an older equivalent.

At Willan Living we know how important the small details are. That’s why all our new builds come with a high-end British made kitchen, cost effective air source heating system and whole host of other premium locally sourced fixtures, at no extra cost. Presenting a worthwhile opportunity to acquire amongst the highest quality and best value new-housing avaible, for anyone who is looking to live in Cumbria.

To see all avaible new homes by Willan Living click here.

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